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Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on providing you with highly-trained health care practitioners, who practice based on the best available evidence and their clinical experience, with you as the patient at the heart of your own treatment, so that you may be able to better achieve your goals in health and wellness. 

Core Values

  • We believe that all patients deserve access to evidence-based, best-practice services to improve their health and happiness.

  • We believe that patients of all ages should be at the centre of their care so that their beliefs and values help to guide their care.

  • We believe that all patients should be helped in setting and achieving their goals for health and wellness. 

CCNW is the only community based concussion management program in NorthWestern Ontario that offers our unique approach, which is rooted in current research, education and rapid communication that provides assessment and treatment of your medical (Sports Medicine Physician), physical (Physiotherapist) and cognitive communication (Speech-Language Pathologist) needs. But overall, it is founded based on YOU as the patient and your plan of care becomes as unique as your life or goals are. We are proud to be your “missing link” to concussion screening and recovery after concussion and our goal is to help you successfully return to school, play, work and most importantly life. Contact us today to inquire about our services and to book your consultation.               Wishing you all the best in your goals!

'The injury of concussion is not the true problem; it is the mismanagement of this brain injury that is the real issue.'        

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*Call for availability 

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